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I have one main purpose: provide some of the best reviews on popular fishing lures so that you can make the best decision on what is best for your fishing styles and preferences.

I share with you my own personal experience as well as the experiences of others that I’ve researched¬† who have used the same lures.¬† I try to offer a healthy balance of facts and personal opinions to help you generate the best picture¬† of each lure and how it may perform for you.

In my reviews, you will usually find bottom facts about each lure like its size, available colors, and times to fish with it. You will also find how-to videos on how to be handle different lures for maximum effect when casting, setting the hook, and retrieving. Lastly, I will also provide links throughout the review to sites where you can find some of the best prices for that lure.

Thanks and happy fishing!




Brandon Clayton

Reviews on Must Have Lures